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Our Passions

Champagne Vacations is a full service travel agency. Our agents are well versed in every aspect of travel and with our combined years in the travel industry, well let’s just say it adds up to the fact that we have been around a very long time!

We do have areas of travel though that we excel at because we have a passion for them. If you look below you will also see a theme in that we feel the best way to experience the world is to immerse yourself in the destinations and cultures you are visiting. This can’t be done very well with 4,000 of your closest friends… so our genres of travel focus on small, intimate group sizes and small, intimate modes of travel.

River Cruising
We have sailed almost every river in the world that allows river boats to sail on them and on every major river cruse line. Let our experienced staff of river cruise specialists help pair you with the perfect destination, at the ideal time to travel and on the cruise line and ship that will enhance your journey. Not all itineraries, ships or cruise lines are created equal. Clients come to us every day thinking a “river cruise is a river cruise, they are all basically the same” but they are not. We can answer your questions on what sets one ship, one cruise line or one river apart from the other. River cruising is our passion and we know it will become yours too!
Small Group Escorted Tours

The days of “if it is Tuesday it must be Belgium” are long gone. Escorted tours have evolved with the needs and wants of today’s travelers. London, Paris or Rome are wonderful but what lies in-between these destinations? That is what today’s savvy traveler wants to know. Old churches and art filled museums are inspiring but what about small marketplaces in tiny villages and sharing a meal with a local family? Small group sized tours can bring you to those tucked away locales and give you a hands-on experience that you will never forget. The world is a HUGE place which doesn’t need to be viewed within a LARGE group.

Luxury Small Ship Sailing
Most of us that have traveled extensively have, at one time or another, experienced a vacation on-board one of the new mega-cruise liners.   Standing in line for dinner, for a coffee, for a towel or for a question at the purser’s desk.  If I want to stand in a line I will go to my bank, post office or local super-store.  When I am on a vacation I don’t want a “home-like” experience.  I want to relax, be pampered and do those things that I don’t do in my every day life.  Small ship sailing offers you the opportunity to see unusual places, hidden gems and once-in-a-lifetime experiences all while feeling that your every need will be satisfied.  Now that is a true Champagne vacation!

Wandering Women: Solo Women’s Travel Group
Are you a woman that loves to travel?  Then we invite you to join our Wandering Women Travel Group!  Who are the Wandering Women?  We are just a group of women that love to the see the world and don’t feel like waiting around!  Single, divorced, widowed or married (with a partner that doesn’t like to travel) mothers & daughters… we welcome all women to join us!  Each trip is escorted by one or more experienced travel consultants so you never have to worry. Just pack your bags and get ready to have a good time.
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When selecting a preferred travel partner I look for level of quality, value and service.  Following are several of our hand selected partners: