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Testimonial for Wandering Women – Michelle K.

Testimonial for Wandering Women – Michelle K.

I just returned from a Wandering Women trip to Croatia and Slovenia. It was run by Suzanne with Champagne Vacations and Debbie with Elite Travel, who together run Wandering Women.

Aside from my immediate thought of not wanting to return to work (big surprise, right?), my next thought is “when can I go on my next trip with this group?” Travelling with all women? Hell yes, if you like to laugh, relax, and feel joyful. Have someone experienced and knowledgeable make all of the arrangements? Damn right, if you don’t want to worry about every little detail and be free to enjoy the trip.

The price was well negotiated, the hotel and restaurant choices were excellent, and the sights were top picks. I had never traveled outside the US before, and felt very safe in the group and with the itinerary they planned. There was no wasted time, but there was flexibility for free time plus optional side trips. The team was always keeping track of the group and the details of the day. They were there to fix any issues that arose. It was a mix of friends and lone travelers. The whole bunch of women adventurers intermingled and no one was left out of anything. Suzanne and Debbie were top Travel Agents.

As far as Croatia and Slovenia go as destinations, most of the Wandering Women group were fantasizing about moving to either place. Plus, look at the pictures!

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