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My UnForgettable UnBelievable UnCruise Adventure!

My UnForgettable UnBelievable UnCruise Adventure!

Well I survived my Uncruise Adventure! We had a wonderful time but it was true to its name and everything about it was very “un-your-normal-cruise” experience.

IMG 0647

Our ship the Safari Voyager. Her capacity for cruising is 64 but we sailed with just 39 brave souls. So we had one crew member for each 2 passengers. Our cabin was very nice with actually a good amount of storage. This ship is small… just three decks total with a sun deck on top. Easy to get around but this ship has those “lips” that you have to step up and over to go in and out of doors, to include your bathroom. I would say that if you have mobility issues think twice about taking a cruise on a ship this small. However in saying that, there was a retired priest on board that had to walk at all times with two canes and he was able to get around, in rough seas and over the steps… so where there is a will there is a way, or he had divine intervention on his side.

IMG 0552

Whenever we went ashore this is how we got off the ship… in skiffs. Our skiffs would take 10 – 12 of us along with a guide and the “captain”. We always had our life vests on and we were lucky that we had a platform off the back of the ship that we walked out onto and then into the skiff and then they lowered the ramp.. so it was easy to get off and on. I will tell you the first time I got in I was pretty scared we were going to tip over or get soaked… but after the first time I did settle down and actually enjoyed the rides.

IMG 0565

When we traveled by skiff to each of our destinations it also gave us the ability to circle the island before making landfall so we were able to see all the wildlife without “scaring” it away… on our stop to Iguana Island off the coast of Panama we spotted this brown pelican and the blue-footed booby… although he was hiding his blue feet underneath him…

And on that trek to Iguana Island our skiff was lucky enough to be traveling out when a mother humpback whale was teaching its baby how to play. We were about a football field away from the action… it was wonderful!

IMG 0595
IMG 0433

On one of our first days we visited a remote village. We had to travel by dug out canoes… if I was afraid of the skiff you can imagine how I felt in a dug out canoe going down a brown, rushing-water river. (Who knew what was below the surface just waiting to eat me). On the way to the village we stopped at a mass of trees that were the home to a very friendly family of monkeys… this guy was quite the poser… he enjoyed hanging by his tail and giving us various shots!

IMG 0431

Our ports were not actually ports.. they were more deserted islands. So no shopping… no fighting crowds… no scheduled activities. Each night they would change one of the channels on the TV to reflect what the next day’s times were for meals, activities and talks. (Save a Tree) The TV was strictly for watching a daily national geographic special that ran on a loop, looking at the bow’s camera which would show you under the water when dolphins were swimming in front of the ship or playing a DVD. For the week we were gone we had no idea what was going on in the world. Internet was non-existent, no phones and no television. I thought I would go through withdrawals.. I did for one day, after that it was really very pleasant!

IMG 0666

All in all we had a great time. Did I become an adventurer? No… I thought I would try snorkeling but really if I haven’t done it in my first 54 years then it is probably best to not ruin a good thing. I did hike through the rain forest a couple of times,
floated on noodles in the water while other’s did more athletic quests (I can create a very nice water lounge chair with just two swimming noodles, many were impressed) and Matt, using the GoPro did record me paddling the kayak.. he should have been rowing but spent most of the time playing with the GoPro which he is obsessed with. I have learned that if we ever do a two person kayak again I am taking the back seat.


Uncruise Adventures sail to Hawaii, Alaska, Baja Mexico, The Galapagos Islands and Panama and Costa Rica… if you enjoy water sports, hiking, nature, no crowds, great food and wonderful service then give me a call and I will hook you up on a trip of a life time!!

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