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Birds of a Feather Like Traveling Together!

Birds of a Feather Like Traveling Together!

I think in all my years of travel the questions that I get asked the most pertain to group travel.  So let’s explore this area of travel… hopefully this excerpt from a recent newsletter of mine will answer everything you ever wanted to know about a group but were afraid to ask!
What is a group?

For today we are going to be speaking of the word GROUP as a noun and not a verb.  Don’t I sound smart?  Until my assistant Google informed me that the word GROUP could be both of those, it never dawned on me.  So in case you are as well-read as Google, I just wanted to clarify that for you.  So what is a group?

  • a number of people or things that are together or in the same place
  • a number of people who are connected by some shared activity, interest, or quality
  • a number of things that are related in some way

We are all a part of some sort of a group, every one of us reading this newsletter today even.  You are part of my email list.. a group of individuals that I have booked on a trip or contacted about a proposed trip at some time or other over the past 20+ years.

Your book club, your gym, your church, your neighborhood and sometimes your family (if you get along.. all the rest of those groups listed were things you joined.. I don’t consider my family something that I joined) But I hear some families do like each other regardless so lets throw family in the list of groups too.

We all look happy but we are pretty sad!

We all look happy but we are pretty sad!

The river cruise I took this past April was for the most part, made up of women that I have met while volunteering for our local non-profit Hospice organization.  We met through that organization, developed friendships, started meeting a couple of times a month to catch up and have a glass of wine or two and next thing you know we were sailing on a ship from Amsterdam to Brussels!



Travel groups can form just that easily.

But why would you even want to form a group to travel with?  Glad you asked. There are many perks offered to those traveling as a group.  As I said earlier with river cruise lines that is 10 people.. want to take an escorted tour? then sometimes as few as 5 people will get you a discount… love cruising the oceans on larger ships? most of the “biggies” like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity or Holland America want 16 people or 8 cabins traveling together to receive group perks.

You name the type of travel and I can tell you what it would take to form a group for you… and the perks vary as well.

Ship board credits… one or more free passengers… speciality dinners… a percentage off of every one’s travel… priority boarding… special cocktail parties… these are just a few of the perks that companies will offer us to tempt people to book their groups with them.

Now sometimes people have come to me and said that they would love to travel as a group but they think that would be a lot of work.. that is what I am here for.

As a travel consultant it is my job to research the companies for the best offer for your group.  I have  experienced many of these companies first hand and I can vouch for what to expect your adventure to be like.

It can be very stressful for that person in the group that may have volunteered or been assigned the task of planning the trip to make sure they are choosing properly for their group.. one wrong choice and they will hear about it… use a travel expert and not only do you not have to make the choices, negotiate the perks and make sure no one slips through the cracks in the booking process but you have a wonderful fall guy to take the blame if anything goes wrong… (I say that in jest.. I have yet to have to be anyone’s fall guy… usually I get to be the group’s hero and honorary member on their next trip).

 Want to see how group travel can benefit you?  Just give me a call!  If you are part of a business that you feel would benefit from group travel make sure to ask us about our Joint Venture travel program!

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